I Write This In The Hopes That It Will Cause Me To Write More: I Suck At This Whole Blogging Thing

If having a blog was like having a child, DFS would’ve came for my ass along time ago.

Hell, I shouldn’t be allowed to have a Tamagotchi I’m so damn neglectful (try and take it from me though, I dare you!!)

Alas, life, as well as a lack on consistent internetting has hampered my ability to reach, what, like ten people?

But this is my second chance! (we’ll pretend that post back in January or whenever doesn’t count). This is my attempt at “getting clean”, so to speak. Admittedly, in this metaphor being “clean” consists of writing, but I don’t do drugs either so I guess that works?

So to my lil’ blog, I’m back. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll write about, somedays my mind is buzzing with thoughts, while other days it’s merely looking for an attempt to subdue that chaos that is thrashing around.

So hello world, for better or worse, I’m forcing myself back. Sucks doesn’t it?

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