An oddly cool thing happened today in class that, while not able to conjure a clever title, was still pretty awesome.

So I attend the Bloch Business School at UMKC (University of Missouri-Kansas City), where my favorite, albeit most difficult class is Consumer Behaviors in Marketing. My teacher in said class has his PH.D in the field, and has taught at multiple schools, as well as oversees. I knew he was last teaching in Buffalo, New York but i assumed he had moved here to teach. Turns out I was wrong. It would seem that he still lives in Buffalo, but is that damn good at what he does that UMKC decided to fly him out every week as well as put him up in a hotel (that or they just have way too fucking much money to blow). Well, the reason I included all of that was because, apparently this week he was sick enough that he couldn’t fly out here to teach this week. Rather than canceling class or having a GA teach us, he, along with the help of the IT crew here at school, Skyped us for class. I’m well aware that Skype is nothing new, but the mere fact that my teacher, halfway across the country, could hook up, give a lecture and at the same time answer and respond to any questions we had was just, well pretty fucking cool.

Maybe it just doesn’t take much to bewilder me.

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