“And on that day, I was spat forth from the gaping womb that is the Internet…”

A few weeks ago, I made this blog with the intention of becoming involved in the cyber world in a way other than just the usual Facebook/Instagram way. I was going to break away, communicate and trade ideas with people I’ve never (and may never) meet, share my thoughts on music and other concepts, and all in all try and grow as a person. Well, grow as much as one can while staring at a laptop screen. However…dot dot dot


Now why, in a realm that thrives on remaining unknown while still shouting the most absurd things possible, would I be so weary of what others thought? First of all, my main concern came from the thought of, “why the fuck would anyone care about a damn thing I have to say”? Next, “what in the name of all holy hell AM I going to say”?

My original intent was: “DO MUSIC REVIEWS, PEOPLE WILL CLAMOR FOR A STRANGER’S UNQUALIFIED THOUGHTS ABOUT BANDS AND SHIT!!” But then, is that what I want to hang my proverbial hat on? What if something else crosses my mind that’s non-music related and I just have to get it out onto the digital page and I’m far too lazy to make another wordpress blog (and believe me I am). Well then, maybe I should make it more along the lines of a “lifestyle” blog, where I just post about whatever happens to cross my path. But then the question arises, “Who would want to hear the nonsensical, self-depricating ravings of a twenty-something drunkard?”

Then, all at once, the neuroticism stopped, like the calm before the storm. (Like that one scene from Twister, you know, right before Helen Hunt’s truck falls from the sky) It occurred to me that A) it doesn’t matter what the hell I put on here, no one is going to see this and 2) I just wasted an enormous amount of time worrying about jack shit. In the end, none of this matters. There will obviously be folks who don’t like what I post, and probably for a multitude of good reasons. BUT, if I intend to immerse myself in this godforsaken interwebz, then I have to put myself out there and well, you know, humility and shit.

So, what did we learn today? I rant too much.

My sincerest apologies.

P.S. That first music review is comin’ like a freight train.


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